Original & Funny Diabe-Tees | Customisable | Hand Made | Shipped in 1-2 Days 

Welcome to DiabeTees – The Shop for Diabetes T-Shirts. At DiabeTees you can buy original and funny Diabetes T-Shirts. If you are from the UK or Europe please visit our UK based shop. If you have a cool idea for a Diabetes T-Shirt, just send us an e-mail at info[at]diabe-tees.com. We can then try to make the shirt with your own customised design or text. If you would like one of the designs on a different style shirt or top, just let us know. The shirts are printed by our partner Spreadshirt, individually for you and are ready to ship within 24-48 hours of ordering.

DiabeTees are proud to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their mission to find the cure for type 1 diabetes. We will donate 10% from the sale of each item of clothing to JDRF, unless another charity is stated for that product. 

Design ~ the_cure


Design ~ Female Jediabetic

Female Jediabetic

Design ~ Male Jediabetic

Male Jediabetic

Design ~ Woman iPump

Woman iPump

Design ~ Man iPump

Man iPump

Design ~ Girl iPump

Girl iPump

Design ~ Boy iPump

Boy iPump

Design ~ Bloody Fingers

Bloody Fingers

Design ~ Every Day I'm Bolusin - Needle

Every Day I'm Bolusin - Needle

Design ~ Every Day I'm Bolusin - Pump

Every Day I'm Bolusin - Pump

Design ~ Keep Calm and Bolus

Keep Calm and Bolus

Design ~ Yuck Fou

Yuck Fou

Design ~ Diabetic Not an Alien

Diabetic Not an Alien

Design ~ Diabetic Not a Zombie 2

Diabetic Not a Zombie 2

Design ~ Diabetic Not a Zombie

Diabetic Not a Zombie



Design ~ 3d_diabetes_v3


Design ~ 3D Diabetes

3D Diabetes

Design ~ What The Fructose

What The Fructose

Design ~ Jelly Babies Save Lives!

Jelly Babies Save Lives!

Design ~ Glucoaster


Design ~ coffee


Design ~ DKA


Design ~ Someone I Love

Someone I Love